Personal Reflections: Sneha

Pre Trip
Today we got to meet our group members. We also created our blog and learnt about our projects. We were also told what to do and given brief details about the programme. I found this project really interesting and could not wait to start.

Day 1
Today we did Project 3B, which was Extracting Caffeine From Tea. It was really fun and we got to learn about extracting chemicals, filtration etc. We had to work in twos and it was pretty easy as my group member was really cooperative and our team work was good. We then started on the fastest ball challenge. In order to get our fastest set up, we changed the inclination of the track by 5 degrees each time. We then narrowed down to the range where the timing was the fastest and this method was quite efficient. Overall the day was fun and enriching.

Day 2
Today we continued our fastest ball challenge and took more readings. We then found another faster reading so we changed our conclusion. After this we were given a challenge to get a specific timing in 2 minutes. Our group got first place the 1.2s one but got third in the 1.4s one. After that we had a dive challenge which our group did pretty badly as we did not release the object properly. Nevertheless it was really fun.

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