Personal Reflections: Olivia

On day 1, we learnt how to extract caffeine from tea. It was quite a complicated process and I occasionally got confused, thankfully, with the help of the assistant leaders and my group mates, I managed to get back on track. There were many interesting equipment to aid in the experiment which we all got a chance to work with. 
At the end of the experiment, we concluded that the amount of caffeine in the lipton tea was more than the amount of caffeine in natural tea. 

On day 2, we played around with the equipment in order to test at what angle will the ball travel the fastest. Also, for the fastest dive challenge, we were to drop our selected shape through a cylinder of washing liquid. Most of our choices of shapes were right, unfortunately we were not skilful enough to push it through the liquid properly, ending up last for most of it. 

Overall it was an interesting experience, getting to use the cool equipments, I found it quite fun to extract the caffeine from the tea. It was great working together with my group mates, some of which I haven't worked with before, they helped me a lot along the way.

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